Monday, April 20, 2009


This site is dedicated to the 6th grade class of Middle School 538. They are conducting a water conservation experiment in hopes of reducing their water usage. By conserving water they will help their family, community, and country save money and valuable resources.

The 'Before' part on this project (Task 1) has focused on how much water each student's home uses. These students have recorded their weekly water usage and estimated their weekly and yearly water consumption. This data has been graphed and analyzed. Then the students have moved on to the 'After' part of this project (Task 2). Using the data from Task 1, each student has chosen three ways in which they will conserve water in their homes. After implementing these water saving strategies students will record their water usage for another week and then estimate the monthly and yearly water usage based on this information. A second graph will display this information.

After the graphs from Task 1 and Task 2 have been constructed, students will submit their graphs and a paragraph explaining what they found, what water saving strategies they used, and how this affected their data in Task 2. Each student's graph and commentary will be posted on this page.

Enjoy viewing our results, leave comments if you wish, and thank you!

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